Environment Quality and Safety

Environment, Quality and Safety

KBE prides itself on its internal Quality and Safety procedures. We strongly adhere to global best practices in ensuring a Quality product is delivered within the greed timelines. KBE is an ISO 9000-2015 compliant organization and ensures every department within the organization follows mandated systems and procedures.

We are equally conscious in ensuring safety of all human and mechanical resources being used at our projects. We believe that Quality and Quantity can only be provided if the resources are working under maximum safety conditions.

We have an in-house Quality and Safety Management Team which exercises proper quality and safety control, participates in global seminars, monitors progress and costs, tests impact of new advancements in technology, thereby providing feedback to the project teams on a continuous basis to improve work efficiency. KBE organizes monthly safety and quality audits by an internal audit team. Safety weeks/demonstrations are held regularly at all sites. Strict compliance to wearing PPE while working at site. All sites adhere and follow Quality and Safety manual with the best performing sites regularly being recognized amongst its peers

Our project achievements over the last 6 decades stand testimony to our commitment and excellence.